About Antiquity

Why register with us?

If  you have passion for antiquity and are looking for a good online marketplace to show it to the world, we assure you that Ticpangee is the best option.

We work globally and make sure creators’ voices are heard. It’s been our team’s goal to create an e-store where you sell antiquity and make sure it reaches the right homes.

Our registration process makes things so much easier and takes into account that time is money. It only takes a couple of minutes to become a vendor and start earning today.

Thanks to our marketing and SEO strategy, your product will always reach the right audience, while you only have to be dedicated to proper placement and description of your product.

We will charge you a 10 percent fee for our services only when you sell a product while you get an impressive 90 percent from each sale!

It’s essential to note that we accept both professional and private sellers on our platform, as long as they’re respectful of our Ticpangee values and the regulations applicable to their status.

Although current sellers are mostly French people living in France or abroad, we warmly welcome people from all nationalities and countries!

Why buy antiquity through Ticpangee?

Here at Ticpangee, we value creativity as well as people who appreciate good antiquity. So, we also help you get the best products easily. In fact, it’s currently the most innovative e-store! Placing an order is so easy: you create a personal account before or after adding your products to the cart.

This virtual cart is available on the top right of your screen. To validate your order, you head to the cart and we guide you through the steps of validation and payment of the order.

By clicking on the “Pay Now” button at the end of the process, your order is validated! You will receive a confirmation of the order by email. In a couple of days, you will have your lovely antiquity product packed in a beautiful package on your doorstep.

Buyers on Ticpangee are respected and protected! This is actually our priority no matter what you’re buying. We respect the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (RGPD) which aims to give citizens more control over their personal data.

Your personal data is processed for the purpose of managing your orders. We never transmit it to third parties, other than in the context of your order and the management of your personal account.

Marketplaces are nothing without amazing buyers so here at Ticpangee, you always have the right to oppose, rectify, and delete your data.

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