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Why register with us


Ticpangee is a trending international online marketplace where people from all over the globe come together to make, sell, buy, trade, and collect unique items, including art.

We’re a team of seven dedicated individuals who believe that online selling is the future that’s already arrived, so it’s our obligation to make it a great experience for both sides.

If you’re an artist, you can gain so much by registering with us, especially if you’re having a hard time selling your beautiful paintings or carvings.

We’ve worked hard on developing a marketplace that puts the needs of creators like yourself first. And, the process is so effortless and it only takes a couple of minutes to set up your online store.

Artists are the gold of our world and we know their art needs the right methods to be seen and to reach the right homes. Start earning from the beautiful art you’re creating starting today by registering with Ticpangee!

Why buy art through Ticpangee ?

Amazing art is just one click away from you if you buy it through Ticpangee. As an international marketplace, we strive to join forces with the best artists in the world and present their stunning creations to smart buyers like yourself.

This platform is great for you if you want to possess impressive and unique art that will reach your mail directly from the seller, without intermediaries or additional expenses. You can find different styles of paintings, drawings, carvings, and so many other artworks that will beautify your home or office.

Enjoyable shopping experience isn’t a luxury here at Ticpangee, but the right of every buyer. We have a wide variety of payment cards that are acceptable, so that you never miss out on your favorite stuff in our store!

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