About Craft

Why register with us?

Creatives don’t have it easy in this world and our dedicated team here at Ticpangee is trying to change this! We know the value of hardwork and how much dedication and persistence is necessary to succeed in making a living from your creations.

By merging people who want to sell their crafts and people who appreciate DIY stuff and want to buy them, we’re changing the world of shopping. If you’re someone who makes crafts and is looking for a way to present it to the world and earn from it, we have your back!

The registration process is easy and we have all the instructions you need. You’ll benefit a lot from working with us; our platform is praised for its easy use and the quick upload of images.

And, we really value your crafts; you’ll pay us a small, 10 percent fee for our services, only when you sell a product, and you receive a 90 percent fee from the amount.

Whether you make beautiful macrame or wooden furniture, place it on your e-store. We ensure your crafts are seen thanks to our optimized marketing strategy and SEO techniques that put your craft on search engines, right where it should be so that it attracts buyers!

Don’t hesitate and start earning from your crafts today by registering with us today. For any questions, reach out to us, our team is waiting for you. Let’s grow together!

Why buy crafts through Ticpangee?

If you appreciate creative work and you want to own  unique crafts, buying through our platform is ideal for you. We partner with the most creative craftspeople who make unique art and give you an opportunity to buy it.

Your home or office decor will always be unique and you’ll also feel so good knowing you’re supporting people who’ve put effort in their creations. Buying products from our e-store is so easy and user-friendly, so you needn’t waste countless hours trying to buy a craft that you like.

Payment is easy and we have a tracking option so you always know where the product is at the moment. You’ll have the best shopping experience if you decide to buy crafts through our platform!

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