Selling Fees


The selling prices of the Products are indicated by the Sellers in local currencies and are inclusive of all taxes.

The selling prices of the Products do not include shipping costs and other costs imposed by the Seller, which are the exclusive responsibility of the Buyer, in addition to the price displayed on the Site.

The amounts of the shipping costs and other costs imposed by the Seller are indicated in the advertisements of the Sellers, then in the basket of the Buyer, as well as in the summary of the order preceding the final validation materialized by the button “Order with obligation of payment”.

Ticpangee does not intervene in any way in the prices applied by the Users and has no control over their fixing. Consequently, Ticpangee cannot be held responsible for any change in the pricing policy of the Users.


Putting the Products online is not free, Ticpangee applies 0.2 cent as an insertion fee

For any order made from the Site, Ticpangee is remunerated on the setting in relation between the Seller and the Buyer and perceives expenses of Services in the form of a percentage of the total amount of the orders placed on the Site (10%).

Amount of the Service fees for professional Sellers subject to VAT

For each order of Products, Ticpangee automatically deducts a Service Fee from the total amount of the Buyer’s shopping cart, excluding VAT and shipping costs. These Service fees are fixed at 10% before tax (HT).

The Service fees are acquired when the Buyer has paid the amount of the order made on the Site.


The Service fees due by the Seller to Ticpangée are deducted from the amounts credited to the Seller’s e-Purse, it being understood that Ticpangée reserves the right at any time to debit the amount of the Service fees due by the Seller from the balance of the e-Purse.

Ticpangée provides the Seller with a summary and a monthly invoice of the Service fees due, directly accessible on his User Account.

In the event that the Seller’s eWallet balance is insufficient to cover the amount of the Service fees due to Ticpangée, the Seller agrees to pay the amount due before the 10th of the month following the period concerned. Ticpangée also reserves the right to suspend access to the Seller’s User Account if the total amount of the Service fees due is greater than ten (10) euros.

The Service fees will remain due or acquired by Ticpangee:

for any cancellation or resolution of an order due to a reason unrelated to Ticpangée (except for the right of withdrawal and cancellation at the initiative of the Buyer before shipment of the Product), such as (non-exhaustive list) (i) the unavailability of the Products (ii) the non-conformity of a Product (iii) the cancellation of the order at the initiative of the Seller for any reason whatsoever.

for any non-validation of a Buyer’s order by the Seller within 48 hours.

With respect to a professional Seller, any sum not paid when due shall produce, without the need for prior notice, late payment interest equal to 15%. A fixed indemnity for collection costs of forty (40) euros per invoice will be due to Ticpangée in case of late payment, without prejudice to any request from Ticpangée in this respect in the event that the collection costs are higher than this amount. In case of non-payment, Ticpangée may suspend the Seller’s User Account, without any liability. The Seller’s User Account will be reactivated as soon as the unpaid amount is settled by the Seller.

In the event of a refund of an order to the Buyer under the conditions of the Article “CONDITIONS OF CANCELLATION AND REFUND – WITHDRAWAL” of the present GCU, the related Service fees may be refunded to the Seller. In such event, any refund of the Service fee shall be prorated to the amount refunded to Buyer.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Ticpangée reserves the right to retain the Service fees collected in the following cases:

Seller’s failure to comply with the TOS.

Refusal by the Seller to process a Buyer’s claim within 72 hours.


The Seller is personally responsible for determining his or her status (professional or not) and for fulfilling all formalities that may be attached to it. Ticpangée shall not be required to assist the Seller in any way whatsoever in the qualification and definition of the legal rules applicable to his status.

The Seller is informed that the income from the sale of Products on the Site may be subject to various taxes and that sanctions are attached to the non-respect of the legal obligations concerned.

The Seller is invited to contact the tax authorities or any competent professional to obtain detailed information on the tax and social obligations related to the activity carried out through the Site.

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